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Jai Sriman Narayana to one and all!!. This website is designed for us; who is keen to learn about Sri Jagat guru Yogiraji's life and immense change that he was able to bring to our lives. We would generously invite all the devotees visit our site and help us improve. Jai Sriman Narayana


Sri Damodar Swamiji's Schedules

(श्रीदामोदराचार्यस्वामीज्यूका भावी कार्यक्रमहरू )

Sandhya bandhan

Any ideas on contents that can go here ? Let the team know. Thanks

Guru Parampara

Listen to blissful citation of Guru Parampara by Janardan guruji- Jai Sriman Narayana

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Jai Sriman Narayana!

Thank you for Visiting this site. You have many things to offer here . So stay here before you leave any where. As you can see the website is still under construction where it needs most of the side walks paved, before emerging at its own pace.

As the title of the site JagatguruYogiraj.com suggests that, our site is designed primarily to promote the words and wisdom that Yogiraj Swamiji shared amongst us . I know most of us didn’t know who Jagatguru Yogiraj swamiji was? And that is perfectly ok , because this site is designed to help find the informations about what he did in the past to bring us  to the enlightenment.

We  are very eager and working in finding the resources or articles or the work that our Vaishnav families are doing in around the globe. We would like to provide this platform as a open framework for all of us (bhaktas) interested in sharing their stories of vaishnavism.

So far we are able to insert all the Dhanurmas Katha by different Acharyas around the world. They are under the tab” Dhanurmas Katha” and are well organised in 6 different sub-pages. Moreover, we are also able to insert a page dedicated for “GURU PARAMPARA” Recited by Janardhan Guruji.

There are certainly more things than just that to explore in these site , so please look at it and as always as alway , Shout out some words under the section “YOURWORDS”


More About Us

Let US know.

Yogiraj Swamiji maharaj

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Top left: Jagatguru Yogiraj Swamiji Maharaj

Top middle: Sri Satakop Jeeyar Swamiji Maharaj

Top right : Sri Basudevacharya Swamiji maharaj

Bottom Left : Sri Keshavacharya Swamiji Maharaj

Bottom Center :  Sri Govindacharaya Swamiji Maharaj

Bottom right: Sri Damodaracharya Swamiji maharaj

Click on the link to read more. अजै पढ्न का लागि तल एरो मा थिच्नुहोस्।।